• A clock spinning in Timelie

    Timelie review

    This is usually where I discuss the game’s story and what makes it exciting or interesting to play. Unfortunately, with Timelie, I can’t do that because I’m not quite sure what the story is. In Timelie, you play as a girl who has precognition and can see the future. Using this power, you can move backwards and forwards through time to avoid obstacles and enemies. Then you find a cat. That’s about all the story I was able to garner from my time with Timelie. However, I admit that I didn’t finish the game. After playing for two hours, I decided I couldn’t keep going. Gameplay Timelie is a puzzle…

  • December indie game releases - Alba sitting on the beach

    December indie game releases 2020

    Every month I feel a bit like a broken record because I mention how impressive the line up of new releases is, and December is no different. December’s indie game releases are looking excellent, with so many titles it was hard to decide which to feature in this post. I’ve been able to narrow it down to a superb selection. Get prepared for December 3rd!