• The Wandering Village - The massive Onbu

    The Wandering Village – October Kickstarter spotlight

    Build a village on a giant, wandering creatures back? I’m in! I first saw The Wandering Village as part of Indie Arena Booth, and instantly knew I wanted to play it! The Wandering Village is a city builder game set on the back of a colossal creature called Onbu. Toxic spores have covered the earth, and the Onbu are the only way for people to survive. Farm and forage to keep the villagers alive and healthy while also keeping the creature happy and building a symbiotic relationship. Ultimately, the goal is to keep everyone healthy and happy until villagers and Onbu can find a safe place to settle and live…

  • The Survivalists key art

    The Survivalists review

    Getting shipwrecked doesn’t sound like much fun, but what about when you have little monkey friends to help out? The Survivalists should be fun, but it really isn’t. In The Survivalists, we wash up on the shore of an island and have to survive. Find resources to craft tools and, most importantly, a bed. Then get out and explore and find some monkey friends to keep you company! The story is pretty lacking, though it is a sandbox game so that can be forgiven. It would be nice if there were some kind of backstory to everything, though. Why is this island full of monkeys (and orcs), and why are…

  • October indie game release - Raji: An Ancient Epic

    October 2020 indie game releases – Part two!

    October was so chockablock with new releases that I decided to split my recommendations into two. Didn’t see the releases for the beginning of the month? Go check out part one. Part one was full of some awesome October game releases, and part two is no different! I was lucky enough to get to play the Carto demo in the recent Steam Game Festival, and now I’m even more excited to play it! Only two more weeks to go. Now you know Carto is on the list, but here are the rest:

  • Journey deep to the ocean floor in Samudra

    Autumn Steam Game Festival – (so many) demos to try

    The Autumn Steam Game Festival is here, and it brings many new demos to try! I love when these festivals come around because I find out about so many new games I hadn’t heard of before. Nearly every game in my list today is something I didn’t know about before the festival, and now I have more games to look forward to in the future! There are so many games available to try out with the festival, but these were the ones I liked the most from the ones I tried in the last two days. Carto Website | Twitter | Wishlist Genre: Adventure, puzzle Platforms: PC (Humble & Steam),…

  • Wholesome Games Jam - October 3rd to 5th 2020

    Wholesome Games Jam – My first Jam

    Last weekend (3rd – 5th of October) I participated in my first game jam: The Wholesome Games jam – a game jam for wholesome games, which is probably obvious. I’ve never joined a game jam before because it always felt like a space for devs, and I didn’t want to not sleep for two days to get something out. The Wholesome Games jam was different though, everyone was invited and you could be a shadow member if you weren’t too confident in jumping right in. It was also encouraged to get sleep and rest when you needed to. The fun was in the experience, rather than what the end game…

  • Pendragon - Arthur goes up against Mordred

    Pendragon Review

    For Arthur! Camelot has fallen, and things are not going so well for Arthur. Guinevere is dead (or so he thinks), and Mordred is coming for him! Fortunately, Guinevere isn’t dead and, even though she’s had an affair with his best friend, she still loves him, well, maybe, that decision is up to you. Even still, regardless of whether she loves him or not, she is loyal to him and is ready to help him in the fight against Mordred. Pendragon tells the story as a turn-based strategy game, which some have likened to chess. It is also quite story-rich with a little bit more information being provided with every…

  • October Indie Game Releases - I am Dead lighthouse

    October 2020 indie game releases

    September flew by with a plethora of awesome games, and October looks to be the same. The October indie game releases are plentiful, varied and interesting and, as always, I’m looking forward to many of them! Because there are just so many great October releases, I’m going to be separating them into two posts! This one features new releases from the first half of the month and the other will be releases from the second half of the month. This will also allow for any sneaky mid-October release date announcements!

  • Buddy the robot crossing a ruler

    Misc. A Tiny Tale – First Look

    Misc. A Tiny Tale is so charming! Follow Buddy, BagBoy and their kitty companion, Flick, on the adventure of a lifetime! The demo opens to BagBoy excitedly telling Buddy to hurry up so they can get going! A bunch of cogs mysteriously fell from the sky last night, and the gate out of Garden Village broke. Now we need to collect up the cogs to fix the game and start this epic journey! Set in a tiny world, Misc. is a super cute 3D platformer with a world made up of robots and random objects like rulers, plant pots and tunnels made of hoses. Buddy and the rest of the…

  • As Far as the Eye key art

    As Far as the Eye Review

    You are the wind. Whisper on the breeze to your dear tribe of Pupils to get them safely to The Eye. As Far as the Eye is a turn-based strategy game that is brutal. As Far as the Eye is about assisting a small tribe of nomads, The Pupils, to escape the impending doom by guiding them from halt to halt until you reach The Eye. With each step closer, you will need to gather specific resources for the journey before time is up. Initially, I was going to post a review for As Far as the Eye on the release date, but the game was hard, like really hard…

  • 8doors on Kickstarter now

    Metroidvania month – September Kickstarter spotlight

    Do you love metroidvania games? Trick question, everyone loves metroidvania games (probably). This month I came across two awesome Kickstarters that happen to be metroidvanias, and I couldn’t decide which to choose for this months spotlight. So, I chose both! If you’re not sure what a metroidvania is, they’re games where you need to gain abilities to progress to new sections. See a high ledge but can’t jump up onto it? Maybe you’ll get double-jump later. Examples of excellent metroidvanias are Hollow Knight and Ori and the Blind Forest. If that sounds interesting to you, check out these Kickstarter campaigns: Haiku, the Robot Kickstarter | Twitter | Wishlist | Demo…