• Two Junes - Blue June and June: Tales from Cyberspace

    July 2021 Kickstarter spotlight – A month of two Junes

    Every month I pick a fantastic game with an active Kickstarter campaign to spotlight. This month I decided to spotlight two, mostly because I liked the coincidence of two games named June being active at the same time. So, this is a month of two Junes. Blue June Kickstarter | Twitter | Website | Wishlist | demo Kickstarter ends: 26th July 2021 Platforms: PC Genres: 2.5D, puzzle, story-rich Expected release date: June 2022 June is a student at the prestigious Rose Hill Academy, which seems like a dream, but she becomes withdrawn after a terrible accident occurs, and she starts to have frequent nightmares. Over time her dreams begin to consume her and leak out into the real…

  • Kickstarter Spotlight - LightBreak

    May 2021 Kickstarter spotlight

    Every month (usually), I do a Kickstarter spotlight of a fantastic game that just launched a campaign. Sometimes, there are many good games with a live Kickstarter, and this is one of those months. I couldn’t decide on which to pick, so I went with four! As is usually the case with my selections, nearly all of them are also combat-free! LightBreak Kickstarter | Twitter | Website | Wishlist | demo Kickstarter ends: 3rd June 2021 Platforms: PC, Android & iOS Genres: Rhythm, story-rich, puzzle, adventure Expected release date: Unknown Ava is out on an adventure when she finds Saaz, a magical artifact that plays through the soul of the person who carries it.…

  • Gorgeous profile art for the characters

    Beacon Pines – February Kickstarter spotlight

    I came across Beacon Pines at the Steam Game Festival, and I was captivated from the first moment. When I saw they had an active Kickstarter campaign, I knew I had to back it. Beacon Pines starts with a mysterious book where the ending is unknown, because we are writing, and re-writing it as we play the game. Some charms can change the story’s direction, past and present, and something creepy is going on out in the forest. So much intrigue! I had to know more. In the demo, we find out about Luka, and that his Dad died six years ago, and his Mum has gone missing. Things are…

  • A beautiful tree in Everafter Falls

    Everafter Falls – November Kickstarter spotlight

    Each month I pick an awesome game with an active Kickstarter campaign to feature on the site, this month that game is Everafter Falls. Everafter Falls is a farming sim with a huge amount of variety in crops, animals and activities to do. All wrapped up in a cute art style. After dying on earth, you wake up in Everafter Falls to find out that your entire life was a simulation. With no memories of Everafter Falls, you need to re-discover the village and what your life was like. Fortunately, you won’t need to do this alone as you will have your adorable pet companion to help you on your…

  • The Wandering Village - The massive Onbu

    The Wandering Village – October Kickstarter spotlight

    Build a village on a giant, wandering creatures back? I’m in! I first saw The Wandering Village as part of Indie Arena Booth, and instantly knew I wanted to play it! The Wandering Village is a city builder game set on the back of a colossal creature called Onbu. Toxic spores have covered the earth, and the Onbu are the only way for people to survive. Farm and forage to keep the villagers alive and healthy while also keeping the creature happy and building a symbiotic relationship. Ultimately, the goal is to keep everyone healthy and happy until villagers and Onbu can find a safe place to settle and live…

  • 8doors on Kickstarter now

    Metroidvania month – September Kickstarter spotlight

    Do you love metroidvania games? Trick question, everyone loves metroidvania games (probably). This month I came across two awesome Kickstarters that happen to be metroidvanias, and I couldn’t decide which to choose for this months spotlight. So, I chose both! If you’re not sure what a metroidvania is, they’re games where you need to gain abilities to progress to new sections. See a high ledge but can’t jump up onto it? Maybe you’ll get double-jump later. Examples of excellent metroidvanias are Hollow Knight and Ori and the Blind Forest. If that sounds interesting to you, check out these Kickstarter campaigns: Haiku, the Robot Kickstarter | Twitter | Wishlist | Demo…

  • Len's Island - house and plants

    Len’s Island – August Kickstarter spotlight

    As soon as I started watching the Len’s Island trailer, I knew I had to back this game. This is a life sim to rival Stardew Valley! After arriving in town with nothing but a backpack and a smile, it’s time to start a new life on the nearby island. Len’s island lets you play as you wish, whether that be farming, building the house of your dreams or battling it out in the dungeons. The building aspect is what piqued my curiosity. It’s highly customisable and looks pretty incredible coming from a farming sim. You can make it as big or small as you like, paint the walls, add…

  • Duru game - Tuli running away from Bel

    Duru – July Kickstarter spotlight

    Ever wondered what it’s like for a mole rat to have depression? I admit I hadn’t either, but Duru takes us on just that journey. Focusing on misunderstandings and issues people have in their day to day life, Duru follows the story of Tuli, a mole rat with depression. Tuli also has a companion Bel who can either help or hinder her through the puzzles we encounter in the game. I love the concept of having a companion that isn’t necessarily there to help you. It’s an unusual feature in a game and a great visualisation of depression. Twisted Ramble Games, the studio behind Duru, aims to increase awareness of…

  • Clunky Hero - June 2020 Kickstarter

    Three kick-arse Kickstarters for June 2020

    Each month I usually write about one awesome indie Kickstarter campaign that I think could be an excellent game. It’s great to be able to support and promote indie devs. This month I found a game I wanted to spotlight, then another and then a third. I didn’t know which to decide on because I want them all to succeed and be great games in the future! So, I decided that I would promote all three.

  • Weaving Tides Kickstarter - Gameplay

    Weaving Tides – May Kickstarter Spotlight

    Weaving Tides introduces us to a vibrant world of marvellous moths and wonderful weaving. Tass is a lone human in a world of moths and her foster father Kilim, a weaver dragon. A dark force has descended on their village, and Tass and Kilim set out on an adventure to save it. Together they will weave their way through puzzles and wrap up their enemies in an interesting spin on combat. I used to be an avid cross-stitcher and love the weaving component of the game. The Weaving Tides Kickstarter launched today, and they have already reached 30% of their goal, so fingers crossed that they make it all the…