• One of the islands to explore in IWOCon

    IWOCon is here!

    Ahoy me mateys, IWOCon is here! So, set sail for the gaming islands in this pirate-themed virtual convention. IWOCon has done an excellent job at mimicking real convention booths in an unreal setting. Choose your avatar and set sail for the high seas! Yes, in IWOCon, you have your very own pirate ship to sail, complete with cannons. You have the option of visiting the islands by your boat or using the fast travel system on the islands. Once you’re ready to anchor at an island, grab a hat and a parrot and see everything IWOCon has on offer! Does that sound like something you want to get involved in?…

  • YesterMorrow - One of the November indie game releases

    November indie game releases 2020

    Is it just me, or has 2020 been a great year for indie game releases? There have been so many gems that choosing just a few for monthly release posts has been difficult each time. November is no exception. The only limitation now is getting the time to play them all! I will definitely be sinking some enjoyable hours into the November indie game releases, and I hope you do too.