Oh, hello there!

Welcome to Find the Strawberry!

My name is Kalliste and I’ve been an indie streamer for about 18 months now. In the beginning I didn’t go into streaming expecting to be an indie streamer but, because I found I really enjoyed indie titles, it just turned out that way.

It pretty much all began with Hollow Knight, an amazing title from Team Cherry. The sequel of which, Silksong will definitely be featured here. It can’t come soon enough!

After Hollow Knight I started looking into more metroidvania’s and platformers and came across games like Celeste, Ori and the Blind Forest and A Hat in Time. It was after that when I decided I really liked finding indie titles and showcasing them to all my followers.

Unfortunately, streaming alone isn’t a good way to promote games you love if they don’t already have a solid fanbase so the goal of Find the Strawberry is to use streaming, youtube and this website to get more exposure for great games you might not have heard of.

I hope you’ll join me on this endeavour and I’ll see you around for the next game!

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