• Indie Wold Showcase - Raji running upstairs

    August Nintendo Indie World Showcase Favourites

    The August Nintendo Indie World Showcase happened today and there were many surprise releases in the bunch, as well as a look at some lovely future titles. With so many sneaky Switch releases happening, it’s an awesome time to check out the Nintendo eShop to find something new to play. There were a lot of great titles mentioned, so I thought I’d post my favourites.

  • Farabel - Released in December on Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch December top 5 picks

    Switch titles get a bit overlooked here on Find The Strawberry, so I thought I’d feature some new release Nintendo Switch titles for December. The Nintendo Switch is an awesome platform for indies and their selection grows every day. If you have a Switch you should definitely take a look at the e-shop to see what is on offer. EarthNight Website | Twitter Genre: Action, Arcade, Platformer Release Date: 3rd December 2019 Dragons have taken over the Earth and humans have had to flee into space. Join Stanley and Sydney as they skydive back to earth, flying on the back of dragons, and gather resources for humans as well as…