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Jusant review

Let’s get climbing! We may not know why we’re climbing, but we’ll do it anyway. Jusant throws us into the world and doesn’t really tell us anything. All we know is what we can see and that is suggesting we need to go up. As we start our climb up this enormous cliff face we begin to notice remnants of a society.

Jusant could just be a relaxing climbing game. No lore, no hidden items, just focus on climbing and admiring the beautiful, varied landscapes of the tower. But it can also be a fun adventure game learning about the daily lives of the people who previously lived there.

I was keen on finding out about the story, so I put on my “professional gamer” hat and searched through every nook and cranny of Jusant, finding all the letters, frescos, shells and more. At least, I thought I had. Until I realised I missed many of them! If I could improve one thing about Jusant, it would be to make Bianca’s letters unmissable. I want to know about her journey, without having to worry when I’ve missed a letter.

Climbing a grassy cliff face in Jusant
Climbing a grassy cliff face in Jusant

Otherwise, climbing the tower in Jusant is a lot of fun. Playing with a controller is recommended because, by default, you will need to alternate between left and right triggers to make your way up the cliff. I really enjoyed this style of movement. It made it feel more immersive to me, but it is possible to turn it off if it starts to feel too repetitive. I left it on, but decided to turn off stamina because it was frustrating more than fun. This seems to be a me problem though. Maybe I just like jumping too much! Most people have mentioned not feeling hindered by the stamina mechanic.

I’ll admit that I spent a lot of this game confused about what was going on. Who is our character? How are they related to this world? Why are they there? Some of the questions are answered, but some seem to be left open. If you’re a better sleuth than me, and find all the letters, then you might have a better understanding of what is going on. Fortunately, I played Jusant as part of the Geeks and Grounds monthly game club and we all discussed our thoughts on what the game was about. – If you’re interested in chatting about games with people, you should join! This article on the lore of Jusant (note: spoilers!) was also super useful, and helped clear things up a little.

Overall, I had an excellent time with Jusant, and enjoyed climbing my way through the lives of the previous inhabitants of the tower. The little critters that scuttled around were also fun to watch!

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  • Alex Rosendahl Larsen

    Didnt realise you could turn off the stamina and holding down the triggers – Could have saved me in a lot of situations!

    And good point about Bianca’s letters – they really should be unmissable when they’re part of the least “fragmented” story told in the game.

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