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Roots of Pacha

Stardew in the Stone Age? I’m listening. Roots of Pacha is a life/farming sim set in the stone age but rather than buying seeds and animals, you’re foraging for them and discovering what they grow. You also domesticate wild animals which are super cute, but I also felt bad taking them away from their families. Strangely I’ve never had this issue in a farming sim before. What makes a chicken different to a llama? 🤔

Roots of Pacha is a huge game! You’ll unlock different environments and a maze of a mine with puzzles to solve. Currently, I have played 14 hrs and I’m only half way through the second season! There are also many characters to befriend and romance. This game is big on community and I’ve barely even scratched the surface.. I’m telling you, this game is massive!

You’ll spend your days exploring the various biomes, playing mini games to catch or charm animals and hanging out with your clan. Speaking of your clan, it’s a cash free society. Help out the clan and the clan will help you out. From our players perspective, this means cooking up meals, fishing and foraging to help keep the clan healthy.

I also love that it is combat free, so you don’t need to deal with critters attacking you while you’re just trying to get some resources. However, you will set traps for animals and gain red and white meat. I’m not sure whether this is voluntary or if some quests rely on meat.

If you enjoy big farming sims, Roots of Pacha is definitely worth a try. You can even play it with your friends in multiplayer mode. It will keep you entertained for hours as you make friends, meet new clans and see what Pacha has in store for you.

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I played on Steam
Also available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation

** Find The Strawberry received a free key for Roots of Pacha from StridePR. All opinions are my own **

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