• Indie Wold Showcase - Raji running upstairs

    August Nintendo Indie World Showcase Favourites

    The August Nintendo Indie World Showcase happened today and there were many surprise releases in the bunch, as well as a look at some lovely future titles. With so many sneaky Switch releases happening, it’s an awesome time to check out the Nintendo eShop to find something new to play. There were a lot of great titles mentioned, so I thought I’d post my favourites.

  • Steam Game Festival - Tohu demo

    6 Super Steam Game Festival recommendations

    The Steam Game Festival has an impressive line up of demos (more than 900!) which can be a little overwhelming. While I haven’t played all 900, the website, unfortunately, makes it a little challenging to find them all, I have seen quite a few to love. If you haven’t had a chance to get into the demos or want some more games to enjoy before the festival ends, then check out my list of recommendations below.

  • Stage scene from Genesis Noir

    Eye-catching indies of E3 2019

    This year will be forever known as the one where E3 was ‘breathtaking’ and that looks to be true where indie titles are concerned. There were some incredibly beautiful looking titles showcased and these are a handful of our picks. Spiritfarer Website | Twitter | Steam Platforms: PC, Xbox, PS4 & Switch Release date: 2020 Spiritfarer is definitely quite unique in its subject matter and gameplay. Part adventure game, part management sim, Spiritfarer introduces us to Stella, ferrymaster to the deceased, the Spiritfarer of the title who builds and expands her boat to explore the world and cares for spirits along the way. The building component really hooked me in…