• The Girl's fish island in Tohu

    Tohu review

    In Tohu, a mysterious stranger has come to our fish planet and is causing chaos. They’re destroying everything sacred, so it’s up to The Girl, and her alter ego Cubus to save their home from this menace. Fortunately, for us, all of this occurs in a beautiful, bizarre world filled with quirky characters and excellent music. Gameplay Tohu is a point and click game. They regularly make me a bit scared, but Tohu is excellent for us novice point and click players. That may mean the more experienced at the genre may find it too easy. If you do get stuck, though, there is a great hint system which makes…

  • Teacup enjoys reading and drinking tea

    Awesome adventure demos from The BAE

    It’s time for the Big Adventure Event! Also known as The BAE (or #theBAE on Twitter), The Big Aventure event is run by Hitcents to celebrate all things adventure and point and click games. There are so many awesome devs involved, games to buy and demos to try. I had a great time with many demos, and my favourites are below. Teacup Website | Twitter | Wishlist/demo Genre: Adventure, point and click, story-rich Platforms: PC, console to be confirmed Release date: 2021 Teacup is a shy, introverted frog who loves staying home to read books and drink tea. Teacup loves tea! Unfortunately, Teacup has realised she’s all out of tea, and she has a…

  • Steam Game Festival - Tohu demo

    6 Super Steam Game Festival recommendations

    The Steam Game Festival has an impressive line up of demos (more than 900!) which can be a little overwhelming. While I haven’t played all 900, the website, unfortunately, makes it a little challenging to find them all, I have seen quite a few to love. If you haven’t had a chance to get into the demos or want some more games to enjoy before the festival ends, then check out my list of recommendations below.