• Soli from Unbound: Worlds Apart

    July 2021 indie game releases – part 2

    Do you enjoy platformers? How about some adventure? Well, part two of the July 2021 indie game releases are for you! More than half the games I’ll be mentioning today are platformers, and they’re all full of adventure! A couple of them I backed on Kickstarter, so I’m keen to see them come to full release. They all have the added bonus of having great graphics ranging from bright 90s nostalgia to dark and beautiful. So, let’s check them out! Omno Website | Twitter Genre: Adventure, exploration, combat-free Platforms: PC (Steam & Epic), Playstation, Xbox inc. GamePass Release date: 29th July Take a journey through an ancient world in the atmospheric adventure…

  • One of the islands to explore in IWOCon

    IWOCon is here!

    Ahoy me mateys, IWOCon is here! So, set sail for the gaming islands in this pirate-themed virtual convention. IWOCon has done an excellent job at mimicking real convention booths in an unreal setting. Choose your avatar and set sail for the high seas! Yes, in IWOCon, you have your very own pirate ship to sail, complete with cannons. You have the option of visiting the islands by your boat or using the fast travel system on the islands. Once you’re ready to anchor at an island, grab a hat and a parrot and see everything IWOCon has on offer! Does that sound like something you want to get involved in?…

  • Steam Game Festival - Tohu demo

    6 Super Steam Game Festival recommendations

    The Steam Game Festival has an impressive line up of demos (more than 900!) which can be a little overwhelming. While I haven’t played all 900, the website, unfortunately, makes it a little challenging to find them all, I have seen quite a few to love. If you haven’t had a chance to get into the demos or want some more games to enjoy before the festival ends, then check out my list of recommendations below.

  • Unbound: Worlds Apart Prologue - Soli opens a portal

    Unbound: Worlds Apart Prologue – First Look

    The Unbound: Worlds Apart prologue is an exciting introduction to the world of Unbound, a 2D Metroidvania platformer coming out later this year. Unbound: Worlds Apart had a successful Kickstarter last year, and over the previous few months the game has evolved and improved and taken on a new life! The prologue gives us a chance to experience the changes and see what the game is about. Unbound: Worlds Apart uses portals to solve puzzles, and the prologue finds us thrown into chaos with Soli’s (our main character) world torn apart by unknown creatures. It is up to Soli to find out what happened and save as many villagers as…