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Kraken Academy!! review

Kraken Academy!! is a bizarre good time, so good it has two exclamation marks in the name. When you arrive at Kraken Academy, it doesn’t quite look like it did in the brochure. Everything is falling apart, gruel is served for lunch (only two days a week), and the Kraken in the lake has made you its lackey. Meanwhile, your sister is lucky enough to be in the drama club;  The rumour is that they have gold toilets. Something isn’t right here.

An enticing cave in Kraken Academy!!
An enticing cave in Kraken Academy!!

So, the Kraken in the lake may have forced you into being its disciple, but it’s not all bad. It has also given you a shiny new amulet to save the world. Armed with your amulet of time travel, it’s up to you to help fellow students release the school’s spirits and save the academy before it’s too late. You have three days, so there is no time to lose! Actually, this is a time loop game, play however you want!

Start in music club, where you will meet bubbly Broccoli Girl who will guide you on your first day. Each club comes with challenges to overcome and a few mini-games which determine your success. The mini-games remain mostly the same throughout, and they are easy to pick up, so you can quickly master any challenge thrown your way.

Hanging out with Broccoli Girl and her floatie Princess Sparkle
Hanging out with Broccoli Girl and her floatie Princess Sparkle

While exploring the school, the clubs and getting to know your fellow students, you will also participate in the schools recycling program. It’s a little counter-intuitive, though, because you smash your way through lockers, bins and leaf piles to find bottles to recycle to earn some sweet cash. Aren’t we trying to save this school?

Kraken Academy will take you on a weird and wonderful ride filled with conspiracy and suspicion. It has quirky characters who will keep you busy with silly sidequests and a fairly odd main storyline. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, so get crackin’ and save the world!

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Platforms: PC (Steam, Humble & Gog)
Genre: Adventure, time loop

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