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Spirit of the Island – Kickstarter spotlight

You’re all grown up now, so, as tradition states, it’s time to take your coming of age journey out into the unknown. In Spirit of the Island, we sail away from everything we’ve known to prove to our people that we have what it takes to make it on our own. For us, that’s a deserted archipelago. It sounds like paradise, but it used to be a tourist haven now in disrepair. Remnants of the past are a stark reminder of what used to be.

That means it’s time to get to work! Explore your new home, find the locals, and together you can start to restore the island. As your reputation starts to increase, the tourists will come back once more, with their wallets full. You’ll catch the attention of other, not so welcome guests though too, pirates! Defend your islands, and if you defeat the pirates, you’ll receive some sweet loot.

First look at the world in Spirit of the Island
First look at the world in Spirit of the Island.

There is a lot of content planned for Spirit of the Island, like a lot! I am amazed just how much they’re looking at packing into this charming game, and that is before considering any of the stretch goals. Spirit of the Island is a life sim taken to the next level. There’s also a little mystery thrown in for good measure.

A demo is available for Spirit of the Island, but it seems only to touch the surface of what will be available in the full game. It does, however, let you explore the beach and your property, as well as a small chunk of the island. The starter island looks beautiful, with the lovely blue water lapping on the shore; hopefully, later on we’ll be able to swim in it! I also found the controls quite intuitive, so hopefully, that continues with the full release.

Inspired by games like Stardew Valley and Moonlighter, with a story that reminds me of Carto, Spirit of the Island is shaping up to be an excellent life sim with added adventure, mystery and super cute villagers.

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Kickstarter ends: 9th September 2021
Platforms: PC
Release date: November 2021 – Early access

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