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Lake: Seasons Greetings DLC

Welcome back to Providence Oaks, but this time we’re going back in time to the snow-filled Christmas of 1985.

Meredith can’t make it out for Christmas because of work. Thanks Steve. So, instead, we’ll be driving around Providence Oaks as her father, Thomas. It’s a beautiful, icy wonderland, though not nearly as pretty as the autumnal Providence Oaks of the original game.

Driving around Providence Oaks is still a lovely experience, though the soundtrack is still the same old songs on rotation, with a few Christmas tunes added in. Surely, there would be something different on the radio? The locals do have Christmas decorations up though, which I enjoyed seeing as I drove around.

Thomas checks out the Christmas decorations

Unfortunately, I thought Lake: Seasons Greetings was too long and, I just wasn’t interested in hanging out with Thomas and his poker buddies. I really wanted Meredith to be there, rather than on the other side of a telephone line.

At release, people have been experiencing some bugs, especially with audio. The development team have released a few patches though and are working on identifying the cause of the audio issues. Fortunately, I didn’t experience too many of them and was still able to play the game.

This return to Lake, and Providence Oaks, didn’t give me the same joy as the first time around. Unfortunately, the spark wasn’t there for me anymore, but I did have Witchcraft stuck in my head for three days.

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