• Gamescom 2020 - Demo for Nine Noir Lives

    Must try demos from Indie Arena Booth 2020

    Gamescom 2020 is here, and the Indie Arena Booth has done some fantastic work with their virtual booth. Step into the booth, and you’re presented with a vast pixel art virtual convention floor, with nearly 200 indie games represented. Pick your avatar, and choose a game, then you can walk around and learn about all it. There are also heaps of demos to find, play and enjoy. Here’s the list of my favourites:

  • Indie Wold Showcase - Raji running upstairs

    August Nintendo Indie World Showcase Favourites

    The August Nintendo Indie World Showcase happened today and there were many surprise releases in the bunch, as well as a look at some lovely future titles. With so many sneaky Switch releases happening, it’s an awesome time to check out the Nintendo eShop to find something new to play. There were a lot of great titles mentioned, so I thought I’d post my favourites.

  • Len's Island - house and plants

    Len’s Island – August Kickstarter spotlight

    As soon as I started watching the Len’s Island trailer, I knew I had to back this game. This is a life sim to rival Stardew Valley! After arriving in town with nothing but a backpack and a smile, it’s time to start a new life on the nearby island. Len’s island lets you play as you wish, whether that be farming, building the house of your dreams or battling it out in the dungeons. The building aspect is what piqued my curiosity. It’s highly customisable and looks pretty incredible coming from a farming sim. You can make it as big or small as you like, paint the walls, add…

  • Roki - July indie game release

    July 2020 Indie Game releases

    There are fewer indie game releases for July than I was expecting, but that’s ok. We need a bit of a breather after the craziness of June! The quality of games in July is excellent. I am looking forward to playing most of these games, and maybe I’ll actually have time this month. Here are my picks for indie game releases for July 2020: Röki Website | Twitter Platforms: PC (Steam & Gog) and Nintendo Switch Release date: 23rd July 2020 Genres: Adventure, puzzle Inspired by Scandinavian folklore, Röki takes us deep into a fantastical world of monsters and magic. Follow Tove on a journey to save her family, as…

  • June indie game releases - Waking

    June 2020 top indie game releases

    June is upon us, and it comes with some great looking indie game releases. I’ve picked my top titles for the month, and I love the variety June has in store. Who would have thought we’d see guided meditation, the limbo of purgatory and the adventures of a farming sim all in one month?

  • Alchemy Story animals

    First Look – Alchemy Story

    Alchemy Story is a quirky farming sim which, unlike other recent farming sims, has a story mode that is more than the usual ‘grandpa died and left you his farm’ story. It was a refreshing change to what has seemingly become a staple of the genre. In Alchemy Story we play as Arabella, an alchemist who has moved to Rosehill to help out the local professor, Edward. As we travel into town we find out that Edward failed to mention that, well, uhh… a witch cursed the village and turned all the villagers into animals for… reasons. Thanks Edward, you’re a real pal. So, now it’s up to us to…