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First Look – Faerie Afterlight

Faerie Afterlight introduces us to Kimo and Wispy who are on a mission to find the pieces of Lucentia, a glorious light that shone over Lumina. Protected by millions of fairies, Lucentia sustained the inhabitants of Lumina until one day the evil Kradyrev blew it up, sending shards across the world. A fairy, Wispy, went to find the shards but ended up falling into the underworld of Lumina where he found Kimo, a mythical creature that was always alone in the underworld. Together they are trying to find the shards of Lucentia and bring light back to Lumina.

Faerie Afterlight is still in development, but there is a demo available to play now. The demo includes a platforming section as well as a boss fight, giving a nice introduction to the game. The world of Lumina is beautiful, with vibrant pink and dark blues creating the landscape with lovely plants spread throughout. I also enjoyed the sound design, which enhanced the beauty of the world but also became quite intense during the boss fight.

A checkpoint in the beautiful world of Faerie Afterlight
A checkpoint in the beautiful world of Faerie Afterlight

The gameplay is quite responsive and clean, which is what you want in a platformer. I never had any issues controlling Kimo. However, the keybinding might not be for everyone. The exception to this was when fighting the boss. I became frustrated with the hitboxes as it is difficult to attack the boss but very easy to be hit. One neat feature of Faerie Afterlight is that you can also control Wispy the fairy. He can take over enemies, and you can then move them around to your advantage. Wispy also helps out when you die and takes you back to the most recent checkpoint.

The checkpoints are well spaced out, and I never felt like there was too much space between them. They also replenish your health each time you walk across them, which is a nice feature.

The demo is relatively short so far but gives a good impression of the game so far. I enjoyed my time with it and will be following for more updates.

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