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Misc. A Tiny Tale – First Look

Misc. A Tiny Tale is so charming! Follow Buddy, BagBoy and their kitty companion, Flick, on the adventure of a lifetime! The demo opens to BagBoy excitedly telling Buddy to hurry up so they can get going! A bunch of cogs mysteriously fell from the sky last night, and the gate out of Garden Village broke. Now we need to collect up the cogs to fix the game and start this epic journey!

Buddy hanging outside his house next to matches
Buddy hanging outside his house next to matches

Set in a tiny world, Misc. is a super cute 3D platformer with a world made up of robots and random objects like rulers, plant pots and tunnels made of hoses. Buddy and the rest of the characters are so tiny that they can fit in/on all of these items. Buddy has an adorable lopsided, clanky walk and sprint, as well as a super floaty double jump and glide ability. All of these are available from the beginning in the demo, though I’m not sure if they will be abilities you need to gain as part of the full game.

I had a great time playing Misc. A Tiny Tale. The world is just so creative, and it’s fun to work out what is and isn’t interactive. Buddy’s double jump makes almost everything accessible, and you can get a fantastic birds-eye view of the village on some of the high platforms. I was especially delighted when I realised the keys in the ground had a function, and it’s pretty neat. There is also a bunch of little touches that aren’t required but very cool all the same.

Checking out the shop
Checking out the shop

Aside from cogs, you also need to pick up nuts (as in nuts and bolts) that are strewn all over the village. Used as currency, once you have collected enough, you can buy some sweet, sweet items at the local shop. I’d provide more information, but there’s quite a cute upgrade in there that you need to experience for yourself.

The demo is a great experience, and I am excited to continue Buddy and BagBoy’s journey in the full game. There are multiple chapters, and I can’t wait to experience them all. Want to play there demo? You can find it on the Fluminus Patreon. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

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Platform: PC
Release date: 2020
Genre: 3D Platformer, adventure

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