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Wytchwood review

It’s been a tough day for a witch in the woods. First, you are rudely awoken by a goat, and then you find out it ate all the pages of your spellbook! Now, you realise you can’t quite remember yesterday, or any day, for that matter. How long have you been asleep for? And now this goat is asking you to pay up on a contract you can’t remember signing. It leads you to a maiden in endless slumber; apparently, you agreed on a deal to keep her alive, but why? And who is she?

Take an adventure in Wytchwood and get to the bottom of all of this confusion. The goat’s task seems simple enough: collect some souls for it and they will reveal everything to you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump into our portal and get started!

Greed is good!

Everyone has a price, and that is very beneficial in Wytchwood. Seek out the souls you need and see how far their greed takes them. You’ll come across brainwashed sheep, cruel pigs and cats causing chaos, to name a few. Find out what they need, want and desire and make it happen, in return for their souls.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as it seems because everything needs crafting in Wytchwood. Initially, it is easy. Find an item and combine it with another, but as the game progresses the potions and items you make become increasingly complex. Some of them will take 10+ ingredients and you will need to travel all over the map to find them. It can become tiresome and tedious very quickly. And, as a side note, the hunting is a little gruesome. You will lay a trap for the animal, they set off the trap and bam! They explode into some chunks of meat and feathers or fur. It’s a bit gross.

Profile designs of witch and goat
Profile designs of witch and goat

Something that isn’t gross, is the art of Wytchwood. The environment and character design are gorgeous! It is like jumping into a fairytale world, complete with terrible things lurking in the dark, ready to attack at any moment. The character design and profile pics complete the fairytale feel, and could come straight from a book.

Wytchwood started out well. I was curious to find out more about this slumbering damsel and why our grumpy witch cared so much about her, but the gameplay is full of fetch quests and quickly becomes repetitive. Just when you think you’ve found all the souls the goat could need, you’re tasked to find even more. Wytchwood could be an excellent game if it were a little shorter and the ending a bit more satisfying.

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Platforms: PC (Steam & Epic), Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation
Genre: Adventure, crafting

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