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Sunshine Days – Early access

Next stop, Sunshine Mountain! In Sunshine Days, everything feels too good to be true. After getting an alert from your landlord that the rent is going up again, you decide it’s time to make a change. And what perfect timing, because Mayor Silvie of Sunshine Mountain is offering a house for free! Then she sends over a train ticket and some cash to buy new clothes. Is this a dream?

Silvie meets you with an exuberant wave and then shows you the lovely little town of Sunshine Mountain. Meet the local villagers, and buy cool furniture, seeds and more—everything you could need to start a new life. Then, you can do whatever you like! Run around and explore, find hidden treasure chests and forage for berries, or maybe take on a quest or two (or three or four) and get to know everyone in town.

Catch up in the cafe

Sunshine Days isn’t just a super cute game, but a place to hang out with friends and meet new people! Yes, you can run into other players while exploring your new home. One of the most recent additions to the game is private chats, so you can hang out with your bestie at the cafe and catch up. The servers are regional, though, and I found not many people were playing in Australia when I was. Hopefully, that will change as the game gains popularity.

Hang out in the cafe or chat with Noor for daily gossip
Hang out in the cafe or chat with Noor for daily gossip

Even though Sunshine Days is still in early access, there is quite a bit of content to have fun with. I enjoyed jumping into the game in the morning and seeing what quests the villagers had for me, as well as grabbing my daily quests from the town gossip, Noor. As with most mobile games, some things are timed, so I would run around and pick berries, complete quests for a little bit in the morning, and then return at night and do the same. It has been a nice way to start and end my days.

Sunshine Days is full of charm!

It helps that all the villagers in Sunshine Days are adorable! I especially like Sada, the seed selling giraffe. She’s so friendly and kind and, like most of the villagers, keen to give you a hand, or a quest. Everywhere you look, you will find something charming! It is really a game that will make you smile.

If you needed more convincing to give Sunshine Days a try, it’s free to play! You can get it on iOS, Android or download it through Discord, and see how you like it. There are some premium/paid items, but during early access these are free! So, there’s no better time get comfy, get relaxed and have a great time.

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Platforms: PC (Discord), iOS and Android
Genre: life sim, mobile, free to play

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