• February 2021 indie games - Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy

    February indie game releases 2021

    Hello 2021, it’s time for some indie game releases! Yes, I skipped January because there weren’t many new releases when I checked at the end of December, and then boom! So many games released in the second half of January. February 2021 is set to be a pretty good month of gaming and who knows what last-minute release dates we’ll be gifted with throughout the month! NUTS Website | Twitter Platforms: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade Genres: Adventure, first-person Release date: 4th February 2021 Get your research, GPS and map ready, it’s time to go out to Melmouth Forest to investigate some sneaky little squirrels. As a rookie researcher, it’s…

  • Teacup enjoys reading and drinking tea

    Awesome adventure demos from The BAE

    It’s time for the Big Adventure Event! Also known as The BAE (or #theBAE on Twitter), The Big Aventure event is run by Hitcents to celebrate all things adventure and point and click games. There are so many awesome devs involved, games to buy and demos to try. I had a great time with many demos, and my favourites are below. Teacup Website | Twitter | Wishlist/demo Genre: Adventure, point and click, story-rich Platforms: PC, console to be confirmed Release date: 2021 Teacup is a shy, introverted frog who loves staying home to read books and drink tea. Teacup loves tea! Unfortunately, Teacup has realised she’s all out of tea, and she has a…

  • Symphonia - Philemon playing his violin

    Symphonia review

    Released in June of 2020, Symphonia looked like the perfect game for me. Beautiful art, fantastic soundtrack and it’s a 2D platformer. It has all the requirements of a perfect game for me, but for some reason, I never took the time to pick it up and give it a go. That’s changed now; I finally decided it was time and, wow, what a game! I’m amazed that it is a student project because it is so polished. In Symphonia, play as violinist Philemon who is on a quest to bring music back to the world. Run, jump and fling yourself around to activate the machine once more. Symphonia is…

  • Alba looking out to sea

    Alba: A Wildlife Adventure review

    Alba has fond memories of spending time with her grandparents on Pinar del Mar. Naturally, she is excited to see them for the holidays, but when she gets to the island, it isn’t as she remembered. Pinar del Mar is run down, full of litter and a big company wants to demolish the nature reserve and build a mega hotel. Along with her good friend Ines, Alba is determined to save the nature reserve and restore the island to its former glory. She will also have fun running around taking photos of all the lovely wildlife Pinar del Mar has to offer. As she restores more of the island, perhaps…

  • Excellent combat free games featuring Call of the Sea

    My favourite combat free games of 2020

    The year 2020 was a year like nothing most of us have experienced before, but indie devs persevered. There were heaps of excellent indie titles released in 2020, and many of them were combat free! It’s been fabulous to see the emergence of more and more combat free games. They’re usually also gorgeous to look at, with engaging stories and wonderful soundtracks. My list comprises my top 5 combat-free games for the year, but there are many more out there. So many that I didn’t get a chance even to try all the ones I wanted to. Interestingly, though, three of the five games I’ve chosen were released in December.…

  • Large airborne kingdom

    Airborne Kingdom review

    In times gone by, the airborne kingdom travelled to all the ground kingdoms bringing knowledge, culture and tradition. The airborne kingdom united all the kingdoms, and everyone lived in harmony, until one day it disappeared without a trace. Years went by, and slowly the kingdoms separated, and small settlements were nearly wiped out. Then one day the blueprints to the airborne kingdom were discovered in the tapestry with a prophecy to return to the skies! Airborne Kingdom is a gorgeous city builder where all the building happens in the air. The kingdom glides its way through the lands in hopes of reuniting the world once more. Gather resources, increase reputation…

  • Orwell's Animal Farm - Napoleon triumphs

    Orwell’s Animal Farm review

    All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Orwell’s Animal Farm is a simulation game based on the popular book with added branching storylines. The animals at Manor Farm have had enough of their treatment by the cruel farmer Mr Jones, and it’s time for a rebellion! Once the farmer and his wife have fled, it’s up to the animals to work out how they’ll run the farm. They start with the 7 rules of Animalism and are optimistic about their futures. Gameplay Orwell’s Animal Farm is a ‘choose your own adventure’ style game with options presented after each scene. Each choice will lead you closer…

  • Map in Dorfromantik

    Dorfromantik – First look

    Adorable and full of charm, Dorfromantik is a lovely hex tile placement town-builder game. Dorfromantik is designed for casual play and would probably work well as a mobile game. To begin the game, you start with a set of tiles to place. Gain points for good placement and get more tiles by completing quests. The game is over when you run out of tiles. I didn’t understand the quest system properly to begin with and had to go back to the tutorial, but it’s quite simple once you get into it. The tutorial does a good job at explaining how to play, and in the recent early access release, you’ll…

  • Juiced! characters

    Juiced! review

    Juiced! is a nostalgia hit for those of us that remember the 90s. As soon as I started playing I was instantly hit with memories of playing Commander Keen and Duke Nukem (before 3D) as a kid. It really does feel like being thrown back to that time. Juiced! has your typical old school villain. Super obvious with minions to fulfil his villainous plans. In this case, he wants the eternal crystals so that he can take over the world. You know, the usual. Unfortunately, we broke the seal these crystals had been housed in and the villains minion, Bolton, captured them and took them to their evil lair, a…

  • December indie game releases - Alba sitting on the beach

    December indie game releases 2020

    Every month I feel a bit like a broken record because I mention how impressive the line up of new releases is, and December is no different. December’s indie game releases are looking excellent, with so many titles it was hard to decide which to feature in this post. I’ve been able to narrow it down to a superb selection. Get prepared for December 3rd!