• Next Fest - Leaving Terra Nil

    Nine excellent Steam Next Fest demos

    The Steam Games Festival is here again, but it has been renamed Steam Next Fest to celebrate awesome upcoming indie games. As has been the case with previous Festivals, there are a vast amount of demos and events to enjoy. With over 100 demos, it can be challenging to know where to start, so I created a list of my favourites for the festival. Terra Nil Website | Twitter | Wishlist/demo Genre: Simulation, city builder, puzzle Platforms: PC (Steam) Release date: 2022 Reclaim the wasteland in this reverse city builder. After touching down on barren, bare land, it’s time to get to work and restore the wasteland back to life as a thriving ecosystem.…

  • Before We Leave island view

    Before We Leave review

    The Peeps have spent decades underground. It’s been so long that they forgot what it’s like to watch the sunset, hear the chirps of a bird and the rustle of leaves in the breeze. So they have decided it’s time to come back to the surface and build a civilisation once more. Before We Leave is a combat-free worldbuilder, but there are challenges with climate, technology and resources. Oh, and the space whales, of course! Start with an island, but strive for the stars and try to keep the environment in good shape. Gameplay Before We Leave is big, like giant big! Initially, it starts small. Your peeps are emerging…

  • Valley of No Roads - June indie game release

    June 2021 indie game releases – part 1

    June is a mega month for indie game releases! There are so many digital conventions and shows happening, not to mention so many games being released! It’s going to be a great month to get stuck into some fantastic games. I am particularly looking forward to Chicory since I backed it on Kickstarter. Here’s hoping that we can bring colour back to the world! My picks for the first half of June are below, be sure to check back for part two for the end of the month. Chicory Website | Twitter Genre: Adventure, RPG Platforms: PC (Steam), Playstation Release date: 10th June Chicory, the wielder of The Brush, has disappeared, and…

  • May 2021 indie game release Wild at Heart

    May 2021 indie game releases – part 2

    We’re halfway through May, and it’s time to check out some more indie game releases. I have a shorter list than usual for the end of the month, but that just means more time to play some excellent games. I’m looking forward to giving all these games a try over the coming weeks. The Wild at Heart Website | Twitter Genre: Action-adventure, story-rich, puzzle Platforms: PC (Steam & Humble), Xbox (inc. Gamepass) Release date: 20th May Twelve-year-old master inventor Wake has run away from home and gotten lost in the forest. He’s sad and scared, and then a tiny creature appears to show him the way. Wake follows the Spriteling further into…

  • March indie game release Fate of Kai

    March 2021 indie game releases

    Indie new releases for 2021 are ramping up with some awesome selections in March! I’ve played the demo for quite a few of these games, and they’ve all been fantastic. Here’s hoping the full releases are just as fun. There is always a good variety among the games, so hopefully, you’ll find something to enjoy. Dorfromantik Twitter Platforms: PC (Steam & Itch.io) Genres: Strategy, puzzle, relaxing, casual, simulation Release date: 25th March (Early access) Dorfromantik, or village romance in English, is a lovely village builder game that uses hex tiles to expand the village. With a limited number of tiles at your disposal, correct placement is of the utmost importance.…

  • Excellent combat free games featuring Call of the Sea

    My favourite combat free games of 2020

    The year 2020 was a year like nothing most of us have experienced before, but indie devs persevered. There were heaps of excellent indie titles released in 2020, and many of them were combat free! It’s been fabulous to see the emergence of more and more combat free games. They’re usually also gorgeous to look at, with engaging stories and wonderful soundtracks. My list comprises my top 5 combat-free games for the year, but there are many more out there. So many that I didn’t get a chance even to try all the ones I wanted to. Interestingly, though, three of the five games I’ve chosen were released in December.…

  • Large airborne kingdom

    Airborne Kingdom review

    In times gone by, the airborne kingdom travelled to all the ground kingdoms bringing knowledge, culture and tradition. The airborne kingdom united all the kingdoms, and everyone lived in harmony, until one day it disappeared without a trace. Years went by, and slowly the kingdoms separated, and small settlements were nearly wiped out. Then one day the blueprints to the airborne kingdom were discovered in the tapestry with a prophecy to return to the skies! Airborne Kingdom is a gorgeous city builder where all the building happens in the air. The kingdom glides its way through the lands in hopes of reuniting the world once more. Gather resources, increase reputation…

  • December indie game releases - Alba sitting on the beach

    December indie game releases 2020

    Every month I feel a bit like a broken record because I mention how impressive the line up of new releases is, and December is no different. December’s indie game releases are looking excellent, with so many titles it was hard to decide which to feature in this post. I’ve been able to narrow it down to a superb selection. Get prepared for December 3rd!

  • October Indie Game Releases - I am Dead lighthouse

    October 2020 indie game releases

    September flew by with a plethora of awesome games, and October looks to be the same. The October indie game releases are plentiful, varied and interesting and, as always, I’m looking forward to many of them! Because there are just so many great October releases, I’m going to be separating them into two posts! This one features new releases from the first half of the month and the other will be releases from the second half of the month. This will also allow for any sneaky mid-October release date announcements!