• Indie Game release July 2021 - Lona

    July 2021 indie game releases – part 1

    The chaos of June has calmed, and July is a quieter month for indie game releases. Currently, there are only a handful of games I want to mention in new releases, but I am still splitting them up into two, just in case we get some sneak releases throughout the month. Fortunately, a quieter month means we get more time to experience these beautiful games. Lona: Realm of Colors Website | Twitter Genre: Adventure, point & click Platforms: PC (Steam) Release date: 9th July Lona is trying to deal with the struggles of life and using art as her outlet, but as she becomes consumed by her paintings, she loses touch with…

  • Next Fest - Leaving Terra Nil

    Nine excellent Steam Next Fest demos

    The Steam Games Festival is here again, but it has been renamed Steam Next Fest to celebrate awesome upcoming indie games. As has been the case with previous Festivals, there are a vast amount of demos and events to enjoy. With over 100 demos, it can be challenging to know where to start, so I created a list of my favourites for the festival. Terra Nil Website | Twitter | Wishlist/demo Genre: Simulation, city builder, puzzle Platforms: PC (Steam) Release date: 2022 Reclaim the wasteland in this reverse city builder. After touching down on barren, bare land, it’s time to get to work and restore the wasteland back to life as a thriving ecosystem.…

  • April indie game release Hundred Days

    May 2021 indie game releases – part 1

    May is an excellent month for indie game releases. That means we’re splitting the releases into two again because that went pretty well in April. This month there is a nice spread of awesome games all through the month. Here are my picks to try for the first half of May: Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator Website | Twitter Genre: Farming sim, simulation, management sim Platforms: PC (Steam) Release date: 13th May One hundred days. That’s the amount of time it takes for a vine leaf to complete its life cycle. Nurture it through the seasons, looking after your soil and prune to get the best drop of wine you can. Every…

  • The Girl's fish island in Tohu

    Tohu review

    In Tohu, a mysterious stranger has come to our fish planet and is causing chaos. They’re destroying everything sacred, so it’s up to The Girl, and her alter ego Cubus to save their home from this menace. Fortunately, for us, all of this occurs in a beautiful, bizarre world filled with quirky characters and excellent music. Gameplay Tohu is a point and click game. They regularly make me a bit scared, but Tohu is excellent for us novice point and click players. That may mean the more experienced at the genre may find it too easy. If you do get stuck, though, there is a great hint system which makes…

  • Gorgeous profile art for the characters

    Beacon Pines – February Kickstarter spotlight

    I came across Beacon Pines at the Steam Game Festival, and I was captivated from the first moment. When I saw they had an active Kickstarter campaign, I knew I had to back it. Beacon Pines starts with a mysterious book where the ending is unknown, because we are writing, and re-writing it as we play the game. Some charms can change the story’s direction, past and present, and something creepy is going on out in the forest. So much intrigue! I had to know more. In the demo, we find out about Luka, and that his Dad died six years ago, and his Mum has gone missing. Things are…

  • Tina and SAM-53 rest in Encodya

    Encodya review

    Set in 2062, Encodya introduces us to Tina and Sam, a homeless child and her nanny robot, SAM-53. All children are assigned a nanny bot at birth with the year as their model. SAM must protect Tina at all costs. This is lucky for Tina, as Neo Berlin’s world is rough and not a good place for a child alone. The game opens to Tina and SAM needing to find some basic supplies like food and shelter, but then they discover that SAM has a hidden piece of code and some people are eager to get their hands on it. Together, along with the helpful (and not so helpful) people…

  • February 2021 indie games - Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy

    February indie game releases 2021

    Hello 2021, it’s time for some indie game releases! Yes, I skipped January because there weren’t many new releases when I checked at the end of December, and then boom! So many games released in the second half of January. February 2021 is set to be a pretty good month of gaming and who knows what last-minute release dates we’ll be gifted with throughout the month! NUTS Website | Twitter Platforms: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade Genres: Adventure, first-person Release date: 4th February 2021 Get your research, GPS and map ready, it’s time to go out to Melmouth Forest to investigate some sneaky little squirrels. As a rookie researcher, it’s…

  • Teacup enjoys reading and drinking tea

    Awesome adventure demos from The BAE

    It’s time for the Big Adventure Event! Also known as The BAE (or #theBAE on Twitter), The Big Aventure event is run by Hitcents to celebrate all things adventure and point and click games. There are so many awesome devs involved, games to buy and demos to try. I had a great time with many demos, and my favourites are below. Teacup Website | Twitter | Wishlist/demo Genre: Adventure, point and click, story-rich Platforms: PC, console to be confirmed Release date: 2021 Teacup is a shy, introverted frog who loves staying home to read books and drink tea. Teacup loves tea! Unfortunately, Teacup has realised she’s all out of tea, and she has a…

  • Excellent combat free games featuring Call of the Sea

    My favourite combat free games of 2020

    The year 2020 was a year like nothing most of us have experienced before, but indie devs persevered. There were heaps of excellent indie titles released in 2020, and many of them were combat free! It’s been fabulous to see the emergence of more and more combat free games. They’re usually also gorgeous to look at, with engaging stories and wonderful soundtracks. My list comprises my top 5 combat-free games for the year, but there are many more out there. So many that I didn’t get a chance even to try all the ones I wanted to. Interestingly, though, three of the five games I’ve chosen were released in December.…

  • December indie game releases - Alba sitting on the beach

    December indie game releases 2020

    Every month I feel a bit like a broken record because I mention how impressive the line up of new releases is, and December is no different. December’s indie game releases are looking excellent, with so many titles it was hard to decide which to feature in this post. I’ve been able to narrow it down to a superb selection. Get prepared for December 3rd!