• Indie Game release July 2021 - Lona

    July 2021 indie game releases – part 1

    The chaos of June has calmed, and July is a quieter month for indie game releases. Currently, there are only a handful of games I want to mention in new releases, but I am still splitting them up into two, just in case we get some sneak releases throughout the month. Fortunately, a quieter month means we get more time to experience these beautiful games. Lona: Realm of Colors Website | Twitter Genre: Adventure, point & click Platforms: PC (Steam) Release date: 9th July Lona is trying to deal with the struggles of life and using art as her outlet, but as she becomes consumed by her paintings, she loses touch with…

  • Tina and SAM-53 rest in Encodya

    Encodya review

    Set in 2062, Encodya introduces us to Tina and Sam, a homeless child and her nanny robot, SAM-53. All children are assigned a nanny bot at birth with the year as their model. SAM must protect Tina at all costs. This is lucky for Tina, as Neo Berlin’s world is rough and not a good place for a child alone. The game opens to Tina and SAM needing to find some basic supplies like food and shelter, but then they discover that SAM has a hidden piece of code and some people are eager to get their hands on it. Together, along with the helpful (and not so helpful) people…

  • February 2021 indie games - Henry Mosse and the Wormhole Conspiracy

    February indie game releases 2021

    Hello 2021, it’s time for some indie game releases! Yes, I skipped January because there weren’t many new releases when I checked at the end of December, and then boom! So many games released in the second half of January. February 2021 is set to be a pretty good month of gaming and who knows what last-minute release dates we’ll be gifted with throughout the month! NUTS Website | Twitter Platforms: PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade Genres: Adventure, first-person Release date: 4th February 2021 Get your research, GPS and map ready, it’s time to go out to Melmouth Forest to investigate some sneaky little squirrels. As a rookie researcher, it’s…

  • Steam Game Festival - Tohu demo

    6 Super Steam Game Festival recommendations

    The Steam Game Festival has an impressive line up of demos (more than 900!) which can be a little overwhelming. While I haven’t played all 900, the website, unfortunately, makes it a little challenging to find them all, I have seen quite a few to love. If you haven’t had a chance to get into the demos or want some more games to enjoy before the festival ends, then check out my list of recommendations below.